Watch Tesla Model S Plaid impressions : is stupid fast!

First impressions of the Tesla Model S Plaid are described by American you-tuber Marques Brownlee in a 20-minute video. The fastest Tesla production is fact and according to the company, it is the fastest production car ever made.

Model S Plaid uses the first carbon rotor electric motors, which required Tesla to develop a new manufacturing engine to achieve this. As Musk explains, “This is very difficult to achieve because coal and copper have very different rates of thermal expansion. To have a carbon-coated rotor, you need to wrap it with extremely high intensity and this is something extremely difficult to do.”

In the video below you can see the impressions of the Tesla Model S Plaid as detailed by Marques Brownlee.

Plaid also offers the promised time, 0-60mph in 1.99 seconds and can do 400 metres in 9.23 seconds. The three-engine model has been calibrated at 390 miles, but the cheaper version of the dual engine slightly raises it to 412 miles. Recharge times have improved, with 187 miles of range available after a 15-minute Supercharger charge.

Tesla designed a new heat pump and a new thermal system for the Plaid. Musk claims it requires “50% less energy for cabin heating in icy conditions” and is generally “30% better in cold weather.” A new design in the radiator also means that the high performance of the car can be used for longer and repeatedly.

Video from YouTube channel Marques Brownlee

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