Electric cars are not so expensive after all

There are many press reports that talk about how expensive electric cars are and when they will approach the price of conventional vehicles. Is the issue of the high acquisition price of an electric car, after all, a myth that can be shot down?

In the US there is a lot of talk about the prices at which models such as the Tesla Model 3 are available, with the conclusion usually coming out that it ultimately unfairs electrification. One misconception that is often made is that comparing a premium electric is with a simple small and medium-sized vehicle that makes sense to be much more tempting in price.

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Electric cars are not so expensive

Another element that is usually overlooked in such comparisons is the cost of using an electric that is usually not calculated. Thus, we should always bear in mind that an EV does not consume any petrol and the cost of running it with electricity is minimal compared to liquid fuels.

Over time, especially for those who do many kilometers a year, the most expensive price is balanced with lower travel costs and less maintenance costs.

A purely electric vehicle clearly has much lower maintenance costs since there is no periodic visit to the workshop for oil change etc but as mentioned above and the cost of movement is a very important factor as well. For example, if someone charges their electric car at home, they enjoy very low price charges (different from country to country, state, etc.)


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