EVs Polluting up to 68% less CO2 than fuel cars

A new study on gas emissions from passenger cars shows that EVs pollute significantly less CO2 than conventional ones that have internal combustion engines. A medium-sized electric car has 60%-68% lower carbon dioxide emissions than a car with an internal combustion engine, according to the published study by the International Council for Transport.

The comprehensive study compares carbon emissions throughout the operation of all types of cars in Europe, the USA, China and India. Based on this, in Europe emissions are 66%-69% lower than a similar gasoline-powered car.

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In the US, this range is 60%-68%, in China it is 37%-45%, and in India it is 19%-34%. If we assume that these regions will implement emissions reduction programmes, then in 2030 the difference in pollutant emissions between electric and conventional cars is expected to increase even further.

EVs Polluting less

Moreover, as electricity is produced from renewable energy sources, then this difference will grow more in favour of electric cars.

The same is true of cars with hydrogen cells, where today emissions are reduced by 26%-40% compared to a corresponding internal combustion car. If hydrogen is also produced from renewable energy sources, then the difference is expected to reach 76%-80%.

This analysis emphasises that there is no future for internal combustion-powered vehicles if we really want to get rid of coal. Even if biofuels are used, vehicles with an internal combustion engine will continue to be more polluting than an electric car, while pointing out that internal combustion engines will have to be phased out between 2030 and 2035.

The detailed findings of the study indicate that only EVs and fuel cell vehicles powered by electricity from renewable energy sources can achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, meeting the goal of the Paris Agreement.

source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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