Is completely safe to wash electric cars in rollovers?

One question that needs to be answered is whether electric cars can to wash in rollovers or through automated car washing. The answer is yes and the same data apply as for internal combustion vehicles.

During the Go Ultra Low campaign in Great Britain, a survey was carried out in parallel where it was found that a percentage of Britons believed that the answer to this question was no. But they were wrong, as automated washing in electric cars is completely safe.

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Also, 13% of Europeans in another survey conducted by the global analysis consulting firm PSB in June 2019 and attended by 3,000 people from Europe, the US and China, showed that they are not sure whether electric vehicles can go through a full automated car wash.

To answer these questions, Ford submitted the electric Mustang Mach-E to 60 particularly tough tests, every two weeks for more than two years, in order to show through the leak test that electric vehicles are safe. To make the research even more extreme, the team that edited the data eroded the door frames, decorations, lids, marks, headlights, rear lamps and adhesives of the model with a high-pressure water sprayer.

The atomizer can reach up to 1,700 PSI and a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. So they sprayed the outside of the vehicle with water at a distance of about one foot. This type of pressure can remove oil stains from roads when used with detergents. Parameters, that is, that are not found in corresponding conditions of automated washing.

So do all electric vehicle manufacturers, as they carry out such tests on all models and are especially careful. Today, no car that has not been tested in similar conditions goes into production.

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Before electric cars are released, they are tested at the plant with the “wetting test”, where cars undergo levels of almost flooding rain in order to check for possible leaks. These tests are performed to make sure that all systems and not only offer absolute security and work perfectly.

As a result, electric cars are taken to the streets, which are completely safe to drive during the rain. Washing the electric car follows the same washing rules as for internal combustion engines. Of course, the same applies to hybrid cars, which are also tested to the same extent.

In all cases, all high-voltage components are well hidden in the bodywork, with many safety valves that ensure that there is no risk of fire or short circuit.

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