Mercedes to unveil 5 new electric models in September

At the Munich motor show, which will take place from 7 to 12 September, Mercedes will unveil eight new cars, five of which are purely electric and one a high-performance hybrid.

The new electric models cover every category, from luxury sedans to polymorphics. As part of the “Lead in Electric” strategy, Mercedes plans to offer 10 EV vehicles by 2022.

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At the heart is EQE, with the company publiclying the first teaser photos. It is a premium saloon based on a new framework, has limited weight and very high connectivity capabilities..

From the two teaser images published by the German manufacturer we can recognize the silhouette of the car, with the strongly curved roof, the LED lighting running through the back and the muscular rear wings, which seem to protrude quite a bit from the rest of the bodywork.

Inside is the Hyperscreen, the glass dashboard with the built-in colour displays we first met in the larger Mercedes-Benz EQS, even if that’s not quite the same. The two vehicles will share several common elements, such as the floor (EVA).

The range will exceed 600 km thanks to the 90 kWh energy battery and the performance in the EQE 4MATIC version reaches 400 horsepower.

Also, at IAA Mobility 2021 we will see a 100% electric vehicle with the Mercedes-Maybach brand and the Mercedes-AMG hybrid with the technological name “E Performance”.


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