New car registrations in Greece is 25% plug-in electric

New car registrations in Greece show that one in four cars sold so far have hybrid technology, recording a percentage of 24.4% of the total. The course of sales of electric cars remains upwards, as the percentage of total registrations last month in our country reached 5.8%.

This shows the shift of Greek drivers to electrification and hybrid technology, showing in practice that they are following the trend of Europe. At the same time, the owners of these types of cars show the environmental consciousness.

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The biggest gain for owners lies in the reduction of operating and maintenance costs, while we should not overlook the other benefits, such as the subsidy from the government, less noise, high technology, increased charging points and good value in case of resale, without ignoring the fact that the purchase price of an electric car remains high. All this happens when one in two Greeks is positive about the idea of buying an electric car.

electrification in Greece

Evaluating the recent data of the Association of Importers of Car Dealers (AMRCo), we see an increase in the sales of cars circulating with LPG, as a result of the policy of companies to produce dual-fuel models, while the sales of cars that have natural gas as the main fuel have remained stable.

Today there are few natural gas supply points, which as everything shows, very soon these points will increase and the whole country will be covered geographically. The percentage of registrations for LPG was 2.9% with the equivalent of natural gas being at 1.5%.

In the European Union, the shift towards electromobility is more pronounced, as the corresponding percentage of sales in the months of January-June is 15%, with hybrid cars reaching 18.8%. Vehicles with LPG and natural gas as their main fuel are at 2.5% respectively. Rated last year’s figures, these are up 8% for electric cars and 9.4% for hybrid cars.

Also, it is worth noting that the favorite category of Greek drivers is B, as 48% of the cars sold last month belonged to this category. Of these, 21.9% were SUVs, indicating that the trend of recent years continues to pique the interest of most.

source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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