New Lithium battery promises awesome range

A new lithium battery is expected to change everything we know about batteries resulting the electric vehicles of the not-so-distant future will have a much longer range than today. This is promised by scientists from Germany who are developing a lithium battery of very high density.

Modern Lithium-ion batteries have specific capabilities in terms of the autonomy they can offer, their capacity and the ability to use for many charging cycles. The battery experimentally developed by German researchers offers a density above the limit of 500 Wh/kg, while promising much greater durability even after hundreds of charge cycles.

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With some modifications, this battery, consisting of metals and Lithium, will be able to offer up to 10 times greater energy efficiency than the common Lithium-ion battery used today.

This technology is not yet ready for widespread use, but it is estimated that once done (unknown when) this will provide much better range performance in electric vehicles.

evNT Note:

For several years now, new research has been coming out announcing a breakthrough in battery technology where they will give electric cars a tremendous range and will charge in 5 minutes.

In most cases all this remains just announcements but it should be emphasized that the progress in batteries in terms of materials and their construction is expected to be huge in the coming years since for the first time humanity is experiencing the application of batteries on such a large scale.


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