New record in UK, electric car sales surpassed diesels

A record high was achieved by UK in July, as most electric new cars released surpassed diesels for the second month in a row. According to official figures released, July was the third month – in two years – that more electric cars came into circulation than diesels.

However, new car registrations fell by about a third, according to the Association of Car Manufacturers and Traders of Britain. The car industry in the country has been hit hard by the pandemic and lock-down, but also by the shortages of microchips that have significantly delayed production.

In July, therefore, electric cars with a battery exceeded for the second month in a row diesels, but not diesel cars, which were in first place by far.

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According to BBC estimates, the trend in Britain is now clear and people are increasingly buying electric cars as the country head towards a future with less carbon.

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London aims to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 and hybrid cars by 2035. This, of course, means that most cars on the roads in 2050 will either be electric, hydrogen-powered or some other kind of technology that will not burden the environment.

Last July, battery-powered electric cars accounted for 9% of sales, Plug-in hybrids accounted for 8% and hybrid electrics accounted for about 12%. Diesel cars barely reached 8% of sales, corresponding to 8,783 new license plates.

Overall, July is a “slow” month for car sales. Those who want to buy a car usually be patient until September.

However, it is clear that the latest figures show that there is a clear trend towards electrification, with automakers pouring billions into research and development of new technologies for electric cars.

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