Record number of new RES in the US for 2020

The record of 26 GW in clean energy (RES) projects connected to the grid last year was recorded by the United States of America, bringing the country’s total potential to 170 GW, according to a new report by the American Clean Power Association (ACPA).

In the Clean Power Annual report, ACPA states that the new additions are shared as follows:

  • 18,836 MW in onshore wind
  • 8894 MW in large-scale solar and,
  • 760 MW in electricity storage units

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Combined wind, photovoltaic and energy storage batteries account for 78% of new green energy installations by 2020.

Record RES

In addition, it says green energy technologies cover 10.7% of the country’s electricity needs.

Two other interesting elements recorded in the Report of the American Union are the “green” jobs and all the funds mobilised. In particular, 415,000 Americans in the 50 US states are employed in direct green energy jobs while wind turbine technicians and photovoltaic installation technicians are the two sectors – first and third respectively – with the largest growth in terms of jobs and new jobs.

According to the report’s available data, the projects launched in 2020 represent roughly EUR 39 billion in investments.

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