Refreshed Tesla Model S: Quality problems continue?

The refreshed Model S could be a kind of restart, but it seems to be continuing the tradition. The owner of the Long Range that you can see in the video below, does not have in his possession of the car even two weeks.

When ordering he didn’t regret the extras, putting up the “plane” steering wheel Yoke. Judging by the tone and size of the video, however, he has probably already started crying the money he spent. And it wasn’t a few: from $91,190 starts the Long Range.

In almost 13 minutes, MrExitStrategy (he doesn’t tell us his real name, so we use that of YouTube) shows us a bunch of quality problems that not only should not be found in a new car, but you see them in poorly maintained used cars. The adhesives seen in various parts of the dashboard and bodywork, reveal incredible sloppiness on the part of the factory.

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The unequal joints, but also the seals-pieces of plastic that detach with the slightest, the same. Even the instrument cluster manages to have dust from the inside, apparently due to problematic application.

Also, crackling and noises accompany every ride of the Model S, with those of the side mirrors being the most intense. In fact, as the owner of the car says, he on the driver’s side trembles to the extent that he is afraid of falling!

Various spots and dents on the body paint show that Tesla’s quality control is more for show. He hopes that all issues will be repaired, after contacting an authorized workshop of the company.

Of course, we should emphasize that even one of the top-quality automakers, surely some cars will “escape” from quality control and it is logical that Tesla is no exception.

Video from YouTube channel MrExitStrategy

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