Research shows that EVs are demonstrably less polluting

The answer to the question of EVs polluting less than conventional ones in their life cycle gives new research. The results tilt the scale clearly in favor of electric vehicles in relation to those powered by liquid fuels.

According to data from the International Council on Clean Transportation, an independent nonprofit organization that uncovered the emissions scandal in diesel engines, electric vehicles, during their life cycle, have significantly reduced pollutants compared to vehicles powered by liquid fuels.

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Research shows that electrics are demonstrably less polluting

Research shows that EVs are demonstrably less polluting

The research examines not only the current situation, but also what is expected to apply in the future, around 2030, when the use of electric vehicles will be much greater, hence their energy needs increased. In fact, the comparison is made with different types of fuel and not just petrol.

In all cases, it seems that the best thing for the planet is the use of electricity in motoring. In fact, the differences are large, since the choice of electric vehicle is at least 60% less aggravating to the environment than a vehicle driven using liquid fuels.

The situation is expected to be more prospering in the future because of the advantages of electrification.


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