Robots in the driver’s seat by Ford for research purposes

Ford in Europe places driver robots in its experimental vehicles in order to carry out environmental studies. The company wants to test how its vehicles respond to extreme environmental conditions, without endangering the life of its tester-driver.

Climate change and all the new data that emerge from it make it imperative to put further pressure on manufacturers’ vehicles to the limits. Testing a vehicle in truly extreme conditions could be fatal to the life of the vehicle tester, which is something the manufacturer does not want in any way.

ford robots

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Thus, Ford decided to use robots for the position of tester, which, in fact, can be functional at temperatures from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius. Special planning is required to drive in a specific way, while they do not have a problem operating at high altitude.

Specially designed edges of these robots can handle the pedals and the gear lever, as well as individual mechanisms inside the car.

Video from YouTube channel Ford Europe

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