Sodium ion batteries for EVs – Charge 80% in 15 minutes

Sodium ion batteries is a new addition to research into the world of electrification by Chinese CALT where this technology promises fast charging times and short application in commercial form.

In recent years the prices of cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium and iron have gone up. These are very basic components of lithium-ion batteries, a type of battery used by the vast majority of electric and hybrid cars.

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If the cost of batteries is reduced, then a big step will be taken to reduce the prices of electric models, but this does not seem feasible judging by the money that their components cost. According to CATL, however, there is a solution. Of course, they didn’t find a way to buy the raw materials cheaper, but how they didn’t even need them.

Sodium ion batteries do not need lithium, cobalt and nickel. They are manufactured in a different way and even perform better, as the company claims. They say that from 2023 the new battery type will be offered on the market.

According to the information they release, the energy density of the sodium ion battery is even lower than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The first data say that charging from completely empty, up to 80% of the occupancy will be done in just 15 minutes, at room temperature. CATL says that compared to the formulas used today, its new product will have better stability at extreme temperatures.

The main drawback of sodium ion batteries has to do with weight. They are much heavier than their lithium counterparts, and in the long run they have been observed to lose their energy density faster.


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