Tesla Model S with Autopilot “saves” a drunk driver

In Norway a Tesla Model S where the Autopilot system was activated managed to “save” a life last week thanks to the system’s timely response. A drunk driver, aged 24, was under the influence of alcohol when he lost consciousness. Fortunately for him and the rest of the drivers and pedestrians, the Tesla, which he was driving, had Autopilot turned on.

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The car was in traffic and specifically on a highway so it was going at about 100 km/h, without the driver’s supervision. However, Autopilot turns off when after some time, when it does not feel the presence of the operator at the wheel.

Model S Autopilot

The Tesla Model S began the process of stopping the car safely and the vehicle stopped at the side of the road. The motorway service arrived at the scene, and the police later arrived, which hardly brought the driver back from deep sleep, as the car doors remained locked. The result was that no one was injured and the owner of the Tesla temporarily lost his license.

Video from YouTube channel Gadget Lite

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