The 3rd Generation of the Honda NSX can be fully electric

Just a few days ago, Honda said goodbye to the second generation of the NSX with the “Type S” version that brought upgrades to the drivetrain, the suspension and not only but this was not ultimately a “goodbye” but rather a “re-seen”. As Acura’s Vice President Jon Ikeda has revealed, the NSX will return and it doesn’t matter when that happens.

“If you noticed it, we do an NSX every time we want to declare something. The first generation was exclusively gasoline-powered. The second, hybrid. There will be a third.”

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Said the company’s high-ranking executive. The first generation, then, proved that Honda/Acura can build a sports car that will look the competition in the eye – both domestic and international and were powered thanks to an atmospheric V6. The second generation acquired not only 2 turbos but also 3 electric motors proving that the technology of electrification is suitable not only for the reduction of pollutant emissions, but also for performance.

The third generation as you can see, will be electric, even if Ikeda smiled and avoided the question when it was asked. There is no clear timetable and there is no official confirmation but at this point, we are content with the reassuring statement that the NSX is not dead.

Either way, the Honda NSX was not created to fill the company’s coffers with money. One could say that it was a marketing and engineering exercise and as such, the course of the second generation is considered a success. It brought people to the brand’s exhibitions and gave Honda/Acura know-how and experience in fast, electrified cars.

Both can be used in other models in the present and future. It is difficult to “digest” that there will not be a continuation in the very successful super car series from Honda but the most likely is that the Japanese giant is preparing something very impressive!


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