The first electric Ducati concept by Italdesign

The trend towards electrification prompted Italdesign to create a digital design of an electric Ducati concept called 860-E. After electric cars it will also be the turn of the two-wheeled to accept electrification as the European Union is geared towards a total ban on the sale of new petrol (and diesel) vehicles in its member countries from 2035.

Although this deadline probably does not directly bind two-wheeled vehicles, which may have a little more conventional life than cars and trucks, the bottom line is that the horizon that will make Electrification a one-way street for manufacturers is now visible. For Ducati, the subject at the moment is merely paper exercises, since their stated intention to examine it concerns long-term plans, but the fact still excies the imagination of the designers.

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The truth is that there are several designers, such as Oberdan Bezzi and Kar Lee, who have made strong names even though none of their – usually wonderful – designs have been transformed into a production model.

In this particular case, however, this digital design has a different weight. The reason concerns its origin, in particular the company Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.A. founded in 1968 in Italy by Mr. Giorgos Giugiaro and Mr. Aldo Mantovani.

On the one hand we have the prestige of signing Guigiaro, famous from the hundreds of cars (and few two-wheelers) it has designed, on the other hand the fact that since 2010 Italdesign belongs to the VW group, i.e. the same group of companies as Ducati.

It would not be at all strange, then, when Ducati decides to turn it over to the electric, to contact the related house Italdesign in collaboration with Centro Stile Ducati.

Video from YouTube channel Italdesign Official

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