All electric ACM CITY ONE: Urban transport at low cost

A new proposal for flexible urban transportation at low cost is the mini all electric City One, of the German startup company ACM (Adaptive City Mobility).

Founded in 2013, this brand is flanked by executives from major automakers such as BMW, Audi and Opel. The initial funding came from the German government and additional funds were raised by private investors in China, Germany and Sweden.

The City One has been developed with the help of Magna and is a mini-sized 5-door vehicle 3.6 m long, 1.65 m wide, 1.67 m high and weighing 950 kg. Its movement is undertaken by an electric motor with a power of 34 hp, which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 110 km / h.

The batteries have a capacity of 24 kWh, however part of it is interchangeable. Four batteries with a capacity of 2.5 kWh each are placed under the floor of the trunk and can be replaced with fully charged ones within three minutes.

In this way, better autonomy is achieved. For a full charge of all batteries it takes 5 hours on a fast charger or 8 hours on a domestic outlet. Optionally, extra batteries can be installed on the roof, increasing the total range to 360 km, from 240 km.

In terms of design, the city one’s bodywork looks like a large suitcase, while in its very simple interior there are the bare essentials in the centre console along with the infotainment display. In its adaptable interior there are up to 5 passengers with 400 lt. for luggage (apparently up to the roof). If the rear seats fall, a load compartment of 1,450 litres is created for weights up to 380 kg.

Video from YouTube channel Adaptive City Mobility

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