Angela Merkel’s particular interest in the Renault stand

On the occasion of the international motor show in Munich, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, did not miss the opportunity to see the new electric models. Contrary to what you think, the French Renault intrigued it.

After a prolonged period where the coronavirus had made international competitions prohibitive, the Munich Motor Show being held these days is the most powerful car event of 2021. Although many large automakers shine through their absence, the new models presented are enough and give the mark of the new electric era we are going through.

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Given the opportunity, Angela Merkel during the press days was present by visiting the exhibition venue, in order to see up close the models presented. In addition to the German companies, which naturally monopolized her interest, the Chancellor also devoted a great deal of time to Renault, even talking for some time with Luca de Meo, the head of the Renault Group.

Among the cars that caught its attention were the new all-electric Renault Megane and the prototype electric Renault 5, which is expected to enter production in the near future.

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