Apple car: Mass production is likely from 2024

Apple’s electric car, also known as apple car has been in the news for a long time now with various rumors being heard. Many of them are probably wrong and not so reliable, but the huge amount of data that has been leaked shows that Apple is probably preparing something very big.

The new rumors come from a recent report by Digitimes, which says Apple is preparing to start mass production of apple car in 2024. The company is reportedly in talks about apple car with several potential partners in Asia, including Toyota and LG.

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It is said that Apple had visited SK Group and LG Electronics in July to discuss the Apple Car project. The same sources believe that The Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation could be next on the company’s list for the Apple Car. In the past, various possible collaborations between Apple and major automakers, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Hyundai, have been heard.

Nearly two years later, Bloomberg reported that Apple was focusing on software and autonomous systems that would power its autonomous car rather than the car itself. Over the years, though, it seemed that Apple Car isn’t just a rumor. Sooner or later, Apple is going to launch a car (if something goes wrong and the project is not cancelled).

apple self driving

What many are wondering is whether Tim Cook will still be in the company when apple car is released on the market. A recent Bloomberg report claimed that Cook wants to oversee another important product line before retiring as Apple’s CEO. This product will most likely be Apple’s mixed-reality headset and/or AR glasses.

This report states that Cook will retire sometime between 2025 and 2028. If DigiTimes is right and Apple starts mass production of Apple Car by 2024, it may be Cook who will announce the vehicle.

Previous Reuters reports claim that Apple is aiming to start production of a stand-alone vehicle from 2024, so DigiTimes’s focus on that date is probably not accidental. On the other hand, the problems caused by the pandemic and the global shortage of chips could delay the advent of an Apple Car on the market.


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