Apple now wants to develop its own electric car

Apple had begun to spread that it wants to build an electric autonomous car with its badge. However, so far all we have been hearing has been speculation, and the plans that occasionally see the light of publicity do not correspond to reality.

In the early days, Apple wanted to develop the car on its own, without know-how from other automakers. As it faced a number of problems and constraints though, the company decided to work with an automaker and knocked on the doors of Hyundai, Nissan, Magna and more recently Toyota. All these manufacturers weren’t interested though.

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According to the new information, Apple has once again decided to continue growth on its own. Sources within the company reportedly say the tech giant is currently preparing its vehicle development center and is working on the processes required by Apple to secure the necessary contracts with suppliers, etc.

The information clarifies that the main reason behind Apple’s new strategy is the fact that discussions with players from the auto industry did not go well and virtually no company was interested in a possible collaboration. After many failed conversations, Apple reportedly decided it can no longer delay the project as the car market changes rapidly.

However, it is believed that the tech giant is at least four years away from the marketing of its product.


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