Can a Tesla be turned into a submarine? video

Several videos are circulating on social media showing Tesla models trying to cross stagnant waters and do so in an impressive way.

On the other hand, the big problem of a conventional vehicle to move under the surface of the water, is the lack of air. An internal combustion engine needs air to operate, so even if one were to self-isolate all the points where water could flow inside, the result would still be the same. As soon as the car got into the water, it would come to a standstill.

However, this is not the case in theory for pure electric cars. The propulsion of the latter becomes anaerobic, in the sense that an electric motor needs only current to operate, which it receives through a moisture-protected circuit.

That’s how the owner of the Chillin’ with Chet YouTube channel must have thought, making the big decision. In practice, he made sure to dig a large ramp, which he dressed internally with waterproof material, in order to create an artificial pool. He then filled it with water, aiming to drive the “modified” of the Tesla Model S Plaid to a depth of two meters, from side to side.

Regarding the modification, he made sure to add extra weight to the cabin in order to sink, as well as to waterproof all the parts of the body from where water could flow into the interior.

Video from YouTube channel Chillin’ with Chet

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