Electric cars will “eat” the traditional sedan body

Mercedes-Benz, like all other manufacturers, has not only had to adapt to the changes and invest almost everything in electrification, but has also stated that it will stop the development of new plug-in hybrid vehicles due to their complexity.

Focusing on 100% electric cars, the German manufacturer sees how this technology will inevitably affect the proportions of cars, especially sedans, in the future: “Electrification will put an end to the three-volumes bodywork,” said Daimler’s Chief Designer, Gorden Wagener.

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Wagener points out that premium high-quality electric sedans need large batteries, which affects their traditional design. A project that Daimler’s Head of Design considers one of the most complex to implement.

Mercedes-Benz EQE
Mercedes-Benz EQE

We are talking about the traditional three-volume (sedan) bodywork, the one whose silhouette consists of three clearly defined volumes: the engine compartment (the bonnet area), the passenger compartment and the trunk lid.

We see it with the new Mercedes-AMG EQS (with a more aggressive image compared to the rest of the EQS) and the Mercedes-Benz EQE, where the design is mixed with elements of hatchback, coupe and the classic sedan bodywork.

“That’s why we came up with this bold design with the EQ models, because it looks stylish. So electrification will change the proportions of cars. We need to make sure that not everything looks alike, but that fear has been around for about 30 years,” said Daimler’s Head of Design.

Mercedes-Benz EQS

We also see how the front of electric cars becomes more homogeneous, less aggressive and less character as the need for ventilation of the engine disappears.

“They are fronts without faces, a little anonymous. It’s all very similar. Do they look aggressive? No. They want to look more like a supercomputer with wheels,” says Daimler’s design manager at the British Top Gear.


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