Electric flat tracker motorcycle by Trevor

In April 2020 Trevor Motorcycles unveiled the FTR Stella a purely electric flat tracker, which according to plan, would soon go into production. The Covid-19 pandemic, however, took the project back.

Now the company founded by the American Philippe Stella and the Belgian Jeroen-Vincent Nagels, is returning more severely having secured the necessary resources with funding of one million euros from a Canadian investment fund. This will enable it to proceed with the production of the electric flat tracker.

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“This investment allows us to continue to grow and start the production process. We are happy that we will finally take to the streets with our Trevors. It is an important achievement for the whole team”, said one of the founders of the company, Jeroen-Vincent Nagels.

The original FTR Stella project has now been renamed DTRe Stella and is equipped with a brush-less electric motor that delivers 11 kW and 260 Nm of torque. The battery is 2.7 kWh ion-lithium-ion and it takes about 70 minutes to fully charge it on a 3kW charger. The range it offers promises driving for 90 minutes. Both the engine and the battery are manufactured by the Belgian company Saroléa.

From an aesthetic point of view, the electric flat-tracker has a classic look and predisposes to play on the dirt. The maximum speed it can develop, according to Trevor Motorcycles, is 90 km/h.

The DTRe Stella is equipped with top-notch peripherals. The suspensions for example are of Ohlins while the chassis is space frame. The 19-inch radial wheels come with Dunlop DT3 Flat Track tires measuring 130/80 at the front and 140/80 at the rear. Deceleration is undertaken by a 250 mm diameter disc brake located at the rear and combined with a Beringer two-pissing caliper. The weight of the electric bike is only 79 kg.

The available versions are two: one for use exclusively off-road that costs 12,995 euros and one street legal version with a price of 14,495 euros.

Video from YouTube channel TREVOR MOTORCYCLES

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