Europe: Huge growth in electric vehicles this decade

Huge growth for electric vehicles as they are expected to find fertile ground in Europe in the coming years. Market forecasts change from the year 2031 onwards, with China taking the reins.

The planet is making a shift towards electromobility, as research shows, since 4 out of 10 drivers say that the next vehicle they intend to buy will be electric. In addition to future markets, the evidence shows that it is The Europeans who are most interested in buying an electric vehicle.

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It is worth noting that the forecasts refer to Europe’s leading position in electric vehicle sales up to and beyond the year 2031, while this situation is expected to change from 2031 onwards. Thus, for the period from 2032 to 2050 as well, China is expected to prove to be the market where electric vehicles will have the greatest buying interest.

Huge growth in electric vehicles

The latest forecasts show that by 2028 sales of electric vehicles in Europe will surpass those of other engines, a trend that will be repeated in China by 2033 and in the US by 2036. The analysis also shows that by 2045 sales of non-electrics will shrink to less than 1% of the total.

One element that analysts point out is that sales of electric vehicles in the US, China and Europe will surpass those of vehicles with internal combustion engines, or hybrids at least five years earlier than expected, as interest in EVs is growing.


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