How much faster is Model S Plaid vs McLaren 765LT ?

Tesla’s Model S Plaid is one of the fastest cars on the market today in acceleration, upsetting the balance between supercars and hypercars. The refreshed Model S features 3 electric motors with a total power of 1020 HP and all-wheel drive.

Of course there is no gearbox and the weight is at 4833 pounds. At a cost of $124,000 it’s the most expensive Tesla currently in circulation.

On the other hand, the exotic McLaren 765LT is the definition of a sports car with state of the art technology and combined with the low weight wants to make life difficult for the Model S Plaid in this Drag Race.

McLaren 765LT wears a conventional one!! 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 engine delivering 755 HP. Tyres are the Pirelli PZero while it has 7 speed DCT Transmission. The weight is 3030 pounds and costs $370,000.

Video from YouTube channel DragTimes

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