How to sit properly in the car to avoid neck pains

Sitting properly in the car seat is of the utmost importance for a safe ride. There are many drivers who fail to adjust their seat correctly and place their body correctly in the car.

This omission often causes pain in the neck, back or legs, and can also have safety implications due to delayed reactions and worsening visibility. It is important that the car seat is adjusted in such a way as to stabilize the body and allow the driver to have complete freedom in his space.

Often, more experienced drivers, who usually feel a larger one definitely behind the wheel, tend to move the seat backwards to have more legroom or bend the back back to the semi-weak position. One negative of this particular seat setting is that the foot can accidentally slip off the pedal with poor results.

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Moving the seat too far away from the windshield can also result in reduced visibility. Drivers who prefer this position are also prone to move their head forward, which can lead to neck pains.

Moving the seat near the dashboard has equally negative consequences. In this situation the freedom of movement of the steering wheel and the movements of the feet on the pedals are limited, and in the event of an accident the driver may suffer much more serious injuries caused by the explosion of the airbag or even hit the A-pillar.

The car seat should be adjusted with the foot resting on the clutch, which leaves a lot of room for movement in case of need of maximum pressure on the pedals. If by putting the wrists on its steering wheel, the backrest is moved from the backrest of the seat, then it means that the seat is back and there should be adjustment.

The next important element, forgotten by many drivers, is the adjustment of the headrest of the car seat. Its central part should be at the same height as the center of the driver’s head. This will allow to avoid neck injuries in the event of an accident. The stabilizing effect on the spine exerted by the car seat plays the most important role during daily driving. Vibrations, or sharp turns on the road, have a negative impact on the condition of the spine.

However, it is possible to use the physical abilities of the body to avoid the burdens of gravity by taking the upright position. Also, for this reason it is important that the driver adjusts the back in such a way that he does not bend too much forward or back, but also sits as vertically as possible.

In this context, adjusting the height of the car seat is also very important. The position in which the entire backrest rests on the backrest of the seat, allows the driver to be completely safe and confident.

The seat should stabilize the body even in sharp turns and that is why sports cars have deep seats to hug the driver’s body. Also, the backs should be beneficial for the spine, having the natural curvature of the lumbar part of the body.

Finally, the basic frame of the seat should provide stability and mechanical strength. Foam fillings play a decisive role in this. The soft foam is located at the top and mainly affects the feeling of touch, while as we go to the center of the seat, these become harder and more durable having large stabilizing bases.

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