Huge investments in RES will take place in Albania

Albania’s government will proceed with a program of huge investments in RES, wanting to rapidly change the country’s energy structure by promoting green energy.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that the two photovoltaic parks implemented by Voltalia will put his country at the centre of the development of the sector, while the goal is to become a regional leader in RES by 2030.

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He stressed that Albania “suffered from waste and contamination” eight years ago, but now things have changed. In order for the country to become the champion by 2030 in RES, the government has launched an investment program with Voltalia’s photovoltaics as the first station.

huge investments in RES

At the same time, the aim is to export energy at the end of the decade through the hydroelectric Skavitsa, which is being implemented in cooperation with the USA, as well as the corresponding project for the modernization of the oil-fired power plant in Vlora.

Finally, Rama welcomed the results of the restriction of electricity theft, talked about investments in the distribution network and the interconnection with Kosovo that was completed in 2016.


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