Hyundai develops hydrogen powered four-door sportscar

Hyundai unveils its new, ambitious plans for hydrogen power which will be fleshed out at an event to be held on September 7, focusing on the unveiling of a fuel cell technology sportscar for which the Korean brand is already giving its first teaser recommendations.

According to them, it is a medium four-door model that is hardly reminiscent of Hyundai’s current range. In fact, the only thing in common is the design of the headlights and the rear section reminiscent of the American Elantra N.

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Regardless of the design, given the recommendations presented by Hyundai it is safe to conclude that this is a rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive car with a drift-drive driver.

A new high-performance model, with fuel cell technology and the signature of Hyundai’s N-division is not exactly a surprise as as early as 2015 the Korean brand had created the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo, a hydrogen-powered prototype that the Koreans had recommended as a racing-spec model that benefits from the first widely produced hydrogen powered set.

Hyundai hydrogen sportscar

For the record, that race prototype promised a power output of 885 horsepower thanks to two electric motors powered by energy derived from a dual fuel cell system.

In addition to the new prototype, Hyundai is expected to unveil some more prototypes with fuel cell technology during the September 7th event with the first information talking about hydrogen-powered applications that can be used in categories other than passenger ones, such as transport and public transport.

It is worth noting that Hyundai has already demonstrated serious involvement with fuel cell technology, presenting its first corresponding technology model in 2015 with the iX35 insignia and since 2018 it has included in its range the also hydrogen-licensed Nexo.


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