Israel has built an electric car and will launch it in Europe

Most major manufacturers may be missing at the Munich Motor Show these days, but a company from Israel has decided to show its own proposal for a city electric car.

The reason for City Transformer, an Israeli start-up company based in Tel Aviv, which was created in 2014 with the aim of develop and build the ultimate city vehicle.

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At the Munich Motor Show and according to its schedule, City Transformer presents the city electric vehicle of the same name, which has as its characteristic element the fact that it can vary its width (or rather, put the wheels in motion in the bodywork along with their domes) for maximum agility.

Beyond that, the City Transformer follows a logic that we have seen lately from other manufacturers, namely it is a vehicle that combines the virtues of a motorcycle and a four-wheeled car, having very small dimensions (e.g. a length of only 2.5 meters), two seats for passengers (one front, one rear) and modern design with very good equipment.

For its movement it has two small 20-horsepower electric motors, giving it a top speed of 90 km / h, with 0-100 km / h requiring 5.0 seconds. The range announced by the Israelis is between 120 and 180 kilometers on a full charge, while 80% of the batteries can be filled within 30 minutes.

City Transformer has announced that it is already accepting pre-orders for its vehicle, with production starting in 2022 initially for corporate customers. In 2023, mass production will begin. As for its price, the one for pre-orders starts from 12,500 euros, and then will rise to 16,000 euros.

The company from Israel promises that its creation is the safest of any such vehicle currently available on the market.

Video from YouTube channel CT – City Transformer

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