Jewel E: Double Deck electric bus with 3,500Nm of torque

The Double Deck electric bus Jewel E comes from Equipmake, a company specializing in electric commercial vehicles, which built it in collaboration with Beulas, a Spanish bus manufacturer.

Jewel E uses Equipmake’s Zero Emission Drivetrain, which can be customized to suit different bus sizes. The drivetrain can deliver up to 536 horsepower and a stunning, and necessary, torque of 3,500Nm. The company’s HTM 3500 engine can be combined with a lithium-ion battery that can reach 543 kilowatt-hours.

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Double Deck electric bus

The batteries and torque offer the two-storey range of up to 402 kilometers, which should be enough for the daily bus schedule. Equipmake says the Jewel E is also the first electric bus to meet the safety standards of transport for London buses coming in 2024.

The bus is expected to begin testing before the end of the year. Routes are on hold and are expected to begin in the first quarter of next year, with production and sales plans also starting in 2022. The UK wants at least 4,000 zero-emission british-made buses in the country by 2024.

Double Deck electric bus

Buses are the perfect vehicles to switch to electrification due to simple use and short driving distances, and recharging times do not cause so much concern when parked for a night.


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