Nissan EV sales mark a successful decade in electromobility

Nissan is proud to have conquered another milestone in EV sales and promotion of electric mobility.The Japanese company is proving that the bet of electrification can be won for the automotive industry. The data coming for Nissan from the European market is particularly encouraging.

Nissan has managed to sell 250,000 electric vehicles in Europe. The lion’s share was held by the Nissan Leaf, unsurprisingly, with 208,000 units, while the remaining 42,000 electric cars sold by Nissan were e-NV200.

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The Nissan Ariya has yet to become available in Europe, which is expected to happen in 2022, with interest in the sporty crossover being a given, so sales of Nissan’s electric vehicles will continue on the upside. At least one new model with an electric motor is expected to come to be added to Nissan’s range very soon, while the company is also investing in new production units for both electric vehicles and batteries.

Another small van is expected to be added to the Nissan electric family, which will be manufactured in France.


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