OLA electric scooter from India with shocking price!

The Indian company Ola Electric has unveiled its new electric scooter, which will be available in two variants (S1 and S1 Pro). Unlike the previous ones, the two new models are not only intended for the Indian market but will also be sold in other countries.

Both models have a power of 8.5 kW but can travel at different speeds. The S1 has a top speed of 90 km/h, the S1 Pro can reach up to 110 km/h. S1’s range is 121 km (75 miles) while the S1 Pro is declared at 181 km (112 miles).

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OLA electric scooter

The difference between the two models lies in the battery: the S1 has 3 kWh, the S1 Pro 4 kWh. The distinctive feature of both models is the shape of the battery. It is not mounted as a block under the seat but curved in the shape of a banana under the driver’s footrest. This makes the storage space under the seat larger – with 36 litres, there is room for two helmets.

The disadvantage of the installation site is that the battery is permanently installed and cannot be removed for charging at the household outlet. On a fast charger from Ola (the company builds its own charging network), the battery should have enough power for 75 kilometers in 18 minutes. For overnight charging, both models have a 750 watt charger. Then the battery is fully charged in 4.5 (S1) or 6.5 hours (S1 Pro).

The simple but modern OLA electric scooter is offered in ten colours – at least the S1 Pro, the S1 comes in five colours. Both models feature a 7-inch touchscreen with navigation (built-in gps).

Ola’s operating system is also said to have a voice assistant that can be used to control music, for example – the S1 and S1 Pro also have permanently installed speakers.

The latter features are worth mentioning because the basic price for the S1 in India is 1,144 euros. The S1 Pro refers to 1,488 euros. However, these prices include the national subsidy in India. Possible prices and destinations for export have not yet been revealed. Hyundai and Kia invested in Ola in March 2019.

Video from YouTube channel Ola Electric

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    EV landscape is changing tremendously in India. EV startups such as Ola Electric, AMO Electric Bikes, Hero Electric, Ather Energy, Ampere Vehicles etc., working aggressively towards electrifying India.


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