Petrol and diesel engines will “die” much earlier in Norway

Sooner than one would expect comes the end of Petrol and diesel engines in Norway, which in less than four years officially passes into the era of electromobility…. or not?

Norway will become the first country in the entire world to ban the sale of cars with internal combustion engines. With sales of electrified four-wheelers now accounting for 90% of registrations, the Norwegian government has revised the limit it had set for the availability of cars with petrol and diesel engines.

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In fact, forecasts want sales of vehicles with conventional engines to be reduced to zero much sooner than the distant one, for Norwegians, 2025, accelerating the transition to the era of electrification.

According to the study, therefore, carried out by the Norwegian Automobile Federation, by April 2022 all cars sold in the Norwegian market will be either pure electric or plug-in hybrid.

It is worth noting that since the beginning of the year the cars that are in the top 15 positions of the Norwegian market are electric, with the sole exception of the plug-in hybrid Toyota RAV4.

On the contrary, we will have to reach the 38th place in the rankings to meet the first car with a conventional petrol or diesel engine.

The incentives – fiscal and non-fiscal – may justify the rapid shift of Norwegians to electrification, which in turn triggered the transformation of the infrastructure as there are not a few gas stations that have replaced fuel pumps with fast chargers.


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