Rivian: The first R1T rolled off the production line

The Rivian R1T electric pickup entered the production line, as evidenced by the company’s Twitter account. Production began at Rivian’s Illinois plant.

The truth is that some time has passed since the company’s first announcement of the upcoming Rivian R1T, but now has come the coveted moment when the model can start production. Rivian invests a lot in this pickup, which is expected to be successful in markets such as the American one.

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The Rivian R1T has gone through extensive testing, and has shown that it can be configured according to the needs of its owner. The launch version will be available with a 135 kWh battery and a range of 505 km. On the other hand, the Tesla Cybertruck and the Ford F-150 Lightning are two more pure electric pickup trucks and are expected to make life difficult for the R1T later on.

The R1T is being built on the company’s “skateboard” platform, which will soon host the SUV version of the model and a plethora of new electrical proposals


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