Smart solar charging station equipped with 3rd Gen photovoltaics

A smart solar charging station for electric cars equipped with 3rd generation photovoltaics produced in Thessaloniki, and a “smart” bus stop where those waiting for the bus can charge their electronic devices, reveals in the context of the 85th TIF, the Greek company Organic Electronic Technologies (OET).

This company has conquered the world’s leadership in the field of printing 100% environmentally friendly photovoltaic 3rd generation.

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The parking lot for autonomous energy production and charging of electric cars (OPV Solar Parkingand Charging EV), has security systems with cameras and lighting. The organic photovoltaics that are placed on the roof, produce energy from diffused light, are made in flexible substrates, with modern design specifications, environmentally friendly and from recyclable materials.

Smart solar charging station

Unfortunately there are no details about technical data on the solar electric car charging station.

Organic Electronic Technologies is an internationally acclaimed company staffed by specialized Greek researchers, many of whom have come from abroad, while the vast majority of them are graduates of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

OET is the only internationally company that is active in the production of flexible organic printed 3rd generation photovoltaics (OPVs), which are environmentally friendly, flexible, of high aesthetics and are used in numerous applications.

It participates in the largest European programs in the field of organic electronics and printed energy and in this context it collaborates with the largest companies in the world in the production of new products.


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