Subaru makes electric dreams with the new Solterra SUV

The question of how Subaru would name the brand new electric car was resolved fairly quickly. The Japanese collaborated with the European designers and decided that the Latin words “Sun” and “Earth” were ideal.

The “SOLTERRA” was made by the union of the words “SOL” and “TERRA” and as the heads of the company said this name in their electric vehicle was given to “recognition” of mother nature.

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Subaru makes electric dreams with the new Solterra SUV

Subaru’s all-electric SUV is the company’s first model based on the global e-Subaru platform.

The plan is to be released on the global market in 2022. However, Subaru Europe, which is the subsidiary of Subaru Corporation in Europe, announced that before the global launch of Subaru’s first electric SUV it created a website “teaser” (

The car will produce about 280 horses, will be all-wheel drive, with one electric motor per axle, with its battery offering it a range of 500 kilometers per charge.

The “SOLTERRA” will be part of Subaru’s suv range, i.e. Subaru XV, FORESTER, OUTBACK and ASCENT and will be released in the markets of Japan, the USA, Canada, Europe and China around mid-2022.


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