Tesla is ready to reach the milestone of 300,000 vehicles

Tesla is very close to achieving another milestone in the sales of its electric cars as demand remains high in most markets in the world.

There is no better proof of drivers’ shift towards electrification than the multitude of Tesla that have been built. The company has announced that its number 300,000 vehicle is just around the corner of the market.

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Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, is what will help Tesla’s take this milestone. It’s worth noting that this plant has the capacity to produce 450,000 vehicles a year, so there’s still room for improvement on Tesla’s line.

Tesla the milestone

At this point, it is useful to point out that Tesla is having also prepared its next large factory in Texas, USA, so its production is expected to strengthen further and all this while remaining a manufacturer of premium electric cars, without having yet unveiled the affordable $25,000 Tesla that is expected.

In 2021, Tesla’s large plant will be fully operational, so Tesla is ready to conquer new production milestones as well.


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