Tesla Model 3 achieve amazing sales in Europe in June

The Tesla Model 3 was the second-selling car in all of Europe, in the overall ranking, even among gasoline-powered vehicles. This proves that the conditions of the European market, at least, are ripe to accept the electrified proposals.

More specifically, the best sales in Europe, in June 2021 were recorded by the Volkswagen Golf with 27,247 sales in Europe, while in second place we meet the Tesla Model 3 with 25,697 sales in total.

It is worth noting that in the top ten there is no other car with an electric motor. In the table we publish below, one can see the ranking of sales in Europe in June 2021, according to JATO.

To have a comparative order of magnitude, suffice it to say that the data shows that the VW ID.3 recorded 6,999 sales in June 2021, the Renault Zoe 8,217 and the Fiat 500 EV 4,983 sales.


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