Tesla Model S Plaid: The fastest electric on Nurburgring

Impressive is the new Tesla Model S Plaid, which broke a special record, as it became the fastest electric race car to complete a lap at the historic track of the “Nürburgring” (7:35.579).

The U.S. automaker’s vehicle managed to cover the “Green Hell” route (as is the track’s nickname) 12 seconds faster than the Porsche Taycan Turbo, which moved to second place on the list.

It’s worth noting that the Tesla Model S Plaid is 1,020 horsepower and is equipped with three engines that take just 2.1 seconds to score 0-100 km/h.

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S Plaid fastest electric

Its range reaches 628 km. while in the video below, Tesla shows that it is the optics through the vehicle during the record-lap, with the average speed being 166.32 km /h.

The Model S Plaid may be very fast, but the fact that it is electric makes it extremely quiet even when it is moving at high speeds on a track where it is… made for it.

Video from YouTube channel Tesla

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