Tesla Model S: Software update to suspension and Autopark

Tesla has already installed more software update in its vehicles than any other manufacturer over the years and continues to do so with the latest version of the Model S, introducing improvements to the way the suspension works, as well as the Autopark system, into its electric model.

The main improvement that brings to the new Tesla Model S is the software upgrade codenamed “2021.32.5”. More specifically, the owners of the American EV enjoy through it improved comfort and better control of the vehicle.

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Describing what’s new for this upgrade, Tesla says: “A re-graduated suspension damping algorithm allows for smoother control and improved comfort. The most balanced ratio between resetting and compression of shock absorbers works perfectly with the new multi-link suspension on the rear axle enhancing steering response and control.”

Regarding improvements to the Autopark system, Tesla points out: “The vehicle can now be automatically parked in parallel and vertical positions. While driving below 25 km/h, the instrument panel will display a parking icon if it detects a possible spot for tracking. To start the Autopark, press and hold the Autopark button and release the yoke steering wheel.”

For now, these upgrades are limited to the Model S, although those for the Autopark are expected to make their appearance on the rest of the models in the Tesla range. As for the new suspension algorithm, it will likely be applied to the new Model X when deliveries begin.


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