Tesla new Hatch maybe comes without steering Wheel!

With many surprises it is expected to be the cheapest Tesla new Hatch of $25,000, according to Elon Musk. The compact car that Tesla is preparing is expected with great interest, as it will be the most affordable of the company.

Elon Musk gives the dropper information about what the future of Tesla holds, but he doesn’t miss an opportunity to give teasers for the brand’s most affordable model, which many have named on the Internet as of today as the Tesla Model 2.

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The new model is estimated to make its official appearance in 2023 with most sources agreeing that its price will move to the $25,000 price category. What is not yet known is whether the new model will support fully autonomous driving (FSD).

One element that has come as a rumor and piques interest, without, of course, being officially confirmed, is that the new Tesla will not have the standard steering wheel, but some other control element. This will be revolutionary if it becomes a reality.

The Tesla new Hatch will be equipped with Tesla’s new battery, the 4680 featuring changes in electrode materials, improved cell design and improved production processes, with the new design improving performance (electric and thermal), while becoming a building block of the car. The 4680 battery stores about 5 times more energy, with its energy density reaching/exceeding 300 Wh/kg, which – according to Elon Musk – reduces costs per kWh by 56%.


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