Tesla sales in Norway close to 5000 cars in Sept ..and counting

Tesla in Norway in recent months has had a decline in sales since the “thirst” for the Model 3 had been a bit sated, but perhaps there was also some availability problem.

But from August, and especially in September, that is, the month we are in, the sales of the Model Y – the compact SUV of Tesla – began and the deliveries of the Californian company literally took off!

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Tesla sales in Norway

It is indicative to mention that Tesla’s September sales in Norway – where Q3 will also close – are expected to hit a new 22-month record since the best month during this period was December 2020 with 4,424 units.

The Model Y began to be delivered to Norwegian customers in August at a particularly increasing rate as out of a total of 2,084 Tesla cars, 1,308 were the Model Y and 775 for the Model 3. In September, the Model Y’s numbers literally soared after the 4,760 Tesla sold, the 3,370 where the compact SUV scored and the 1,390 in the Model 3.


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