Tesla sold almost 50k MIC models in August

Tesla sold 44,264 MIC models in August, i.e. vehicles built in China, of which 31,379 vehicles were exported, the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) recently announced.

Local sales of Chinese vehicles rose to 12,885 cars in August from 8,621 cars in July. Tesla’s sales in the first month of each quarter are typically lower than in the next two months.

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The company, which manufactures the Model 3 and Model Y in Shanghai, sold 32,968 vehicles in July and 33,155 vehicles in June.

In July, Tesla unveiled a cheaper version of the Model Y in China, where regulators and the public are more wary of this model. It also receives increased competition from Chinese EVs. For this reason, Tesla, lowered the original price of the Model 3.

Chinese company BYD sold 60,858 electric vehicles last month, while General Motors’ joint venture in China with SAIC Motor delivered 43,783 vehicles.

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The CPCA reported that sales of passenger cars in August in China reached 1.5 million, down 14.7 % from last year.


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