Tesla wants to increase the number of FSD Beta testers

With the launch of its Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta software, Tesla aspires to increase the number of its testers. According to Tesla it is possible to add up to 1000 new test drivers a day.

In order for a driver to be certified as a Tesla beta tester, he must have a high safety score, since Tesla’s software studies the behavior of the drivers who use it in order to determine who can be considered capable of testing the parameters and function of the Full Self Driving Beta.

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Tesla FSD Beta testers

Tesla is ready to launch a revamped version of its software after collecting the first data from its use, believing that the new version will fix some problems that have arisen from the way the software rates the security of each driver when the autonomous motion software is enabled.

Tesla estimates that it will be able to significantly increase the number of drivers testing its software, based on the interest that occurred even before the trial version of the software even began to roll out.


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