This compact EV is inspired by the world of video games

MG Motors unveils Maze a compact EV that foreshadows what could be tomorrow’s urban electric, inspired by the world of video games.

While MG has returned to Europe and the UK with many thermal, hybrid or electric SUVs, of which the Marvel R is the frontrunch, the British brand with Chinese funds wants to diversify its approach. After the Prototype Cyberster, the vision of an electric car for the city of the future, inspired by video games, becomes a reality with MAZE.

Low and wide, it can accommodate only two people sitting in zero-gravity seats, with a video game controller and a screen in front of them, so that they appear to be sitting on their couch when they play a video game in the living room.

EV of video games

To create MG Maze, SAIC Design drew inspiration from the world of gamers and proposes a compact prototype with futuristic lines and without compromise, based on three fundamental principles: “The game is important. Search is important. Adventure is important.”

Video from YouTube channel SAIC Design

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