Top performance for the Tesla Model Y on Moose Test

With top performance, the Tesla Model Y completed the Moose Test process since, although SUVs, the versatility for an SUV car really impresses!

This time the included the Model Y, which continued the good tradition that Elon Musk’s models have in this process, since it also excelled. The Model Y may be slightly taller than the Model 3 and one can expect unpredictable body reactions, but it did not face the slightest problem and completed the test with an entry speed of 83 km /h.

As its testers said, they enjoyed the information from the steering wheel, and the suspension function was excellent, comfortably controlling the body movements. Worth mentioning is the stability control system which works exemplary in every situation, putting the large Model Y on the right “road” every time.

Video from YouTube channel

Model Y Moose Test
Tesla Model Y on Moose Test

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