VW ID.3 from 14.816 Euros in Greek island Astypalaia

At a highly competitive price, the VW ID.3 will be sold in the ambitious project of energy transformation of the Greek island of Astypalaia into a “green” model island, undertaken by Volkswagen.

The German car industry makes more than “generous” discounts to the inhabitants of the island, as after a series of subsidies, the price of a VW ID.3 ends up at 14,816 euros. Price which is at least… opportunity!

The residents of Astypalaia have a number of electric vehicle options at their disposal. This discount is -somewhat- reasonable, given that the energy transformation of Astypalaia into a model island for climate-neutral mobility, according to the program “Astypalaia – Smart and Sustainable Island”, has as one of the main pillars the replacement of vehicles circulating on the island with electric ones.

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The Hellenic Republic and the Volkswagen Group, in cooperation with Kosmocar, have developed a series of significant subsidies, in order for the beneficiaries, individuals-residents and businesses operating in Astypalaia, to benefit from and acquire at preferential prices the electric vehicle they want.

The electric vehicles available for purchase from the Volkswagen Group and Kosmocar are the Volkswagen e-up!, ID.3, ID.4 (in the near future the electric scooter SEAT MÓ 125 eScooter will be added), with the two companies offering together significant subsidies for their purchase, reaching up to 7,750 €.

At this already privileged price, the Hellenic Republic supports the purchase of an electric vehicle by the residents and businesses of the island with a special additional subsidy, which for an electric car corresponds to 40% of the Retail Price Before Taxes (for a retail price up to 50.000 €), with a maximum subsidy amount of 12.000 €.

In addition to this, beneficiaries can receive an additional subsidy of 3,000 €, for the withdrawal of their old vehicle, while at their disposal for purchase are household chargers, which are subsidized with the amount of 500 €.

For example (the one we mentioned above), in the case of the purchase of an ID.3 by a resident of Astypalaia, who at the same time withdraws an old car, the final price and the benefit are as follows: With the initial price of ID.3 being 33.500 €, the subsidy of Volkswagen Group & Kosmocar, amounting to 7.200 €, the subsidy of e-Astypalea, amounting to 8.484 € is deducted and the final price is formed at 17.816 €. If there is a withdrawal, the final price reaches 14.816€.

On the occasion of the launch of the Astypalea-sustainable-island.gr platform, the Volkswagen Group and Kosmocar, Mr. Maik Stephan, Executive Director corporate strategy & Head of Strategic Business Development of the Volkswagen Group, states:

The electrification process of Astypalaia continues unhindered. With the start of sales of the pure electric vehicles of the Volkswagen Group to the residents and businesses of the island, we take the next important step in the transformation of Astypalaia into a “smart and sustainable” island. With Volkswagen’s e-up!, ID.3 and ID.4 as well as the SEAT MO 125 eScooter, we offer a wide range of our electric models, in collaboration with Kosmocar, the official importer in Greece. CO2-neutral mobility, combined with a modernized energy system that uses energy from nature, is the cornerstone for effective climate protection.”


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