Watch the Rivian R1T go up the famous Hells Gate pass

One of the first owners of the Rivian R1T wanted to immediately put on a very tough test, as he went to the famous Hells Gate pass in the Moab Desert.

The latter is part of the Sand Flats recreation area, to the south of Beehive State, with hells gate being a steep, bumpy trail that is almost a grueling transit test for off-road vehicles.

Rivian R1T Hells Gate

Climbing a vehicle to the top is a big challenge, especially if you make it with a completely stock vehicle like this particular Rivian. As you will see in the video above, the R1T slowly but surely climbs the gorge, without bringing the slightest modification, while stepping on the factory all-terrain tires.

The R1T has a range (EPA) of 316 miles (508 km) and is driven by four electric motors with up to 200 horsepower each. The electric motors can be combined with three batteries with a capacity of 105, 135 and 180 kWh. Using a fast charger, the battery gains a range of 320 km in just 30 minutes.

Video from YouTube channel Paddle Pedal Pedals

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