ABB introduces the most powerful EV charger in the world

The most powerful and fast EV charger is ready to find its place at vehicle charging points around the world. With its 360W of power, the ABB Terra 360 leaves no doubt about the high speed at which an EV can charge, and this proves that charger technology is developing rapidly.

According to data released by ABB, the Terra 360 is capable of fully charging the battery of an electric vehicle in 15 minutes.

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Another advantage is that it can support the simultaneous charging of vehicles, which drastically reduces the waiting time to find an available charging point. Such a solution could find widespread application outside supermarkets and other stores.

The ABB Terra 360 is expected to become available throughout Europe from the end of 2021 onwards, while in the rest of the world it will be able to be installed from early 2022 onwards.

These chargers can be customized in a variety of ways, and there’s a large 27-inch screen on them to show ads, messages, and useful information.


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