Are plugin hybrid cars a temporary solution?

With the regulations on pollutants being stricter than ever, the Plugin hybrid cars came as an intermediate choice between conventional vehicles and pure electric ones, offering consumptions from 1.5lt./100km, zero fees – corporate tax, and enabling pure electric drive.

In practice, a Plugin hybrid model has an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, and when it is charged (connected to any outlet) it can move for a few kilometers purely electric, combined with gasoline, or exclusively with gasoline. At the same time, the battery charges during braking, giving extra kilometers with lower consumption.

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plugin hybrid cars

First of all, we should mention that a plugin model compared to a pure gasoline model, has a difference of 3,500 euros to 6,500 euros, as it offers as we mentioned above better consumption, better performance and more technology. However, in order for its purchase to be advantageous, you must have “covered” some of its requirements.

  • Have a daily charging point: If you can charge it every day then yes, the profit is clear, but if you use it 9 out of 10 times with gasoline, then you lose out.
  • Be aware that the hedging of batteries and electric motors reduces driving pleasure. So it will be wise for his purchase to be accompanied mainly by specific routes.

The truth is that gradually the even stricter Euro 7 regulations will force the market to move exclusively around purely electric, since the further development of plug-in hybrids will be unprofitable for automakers.


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